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 Email marketing Positioning and visibility Blog Channel Local landing page Member income Year target Now, how are you doing? Year-goal reviews have been a strange year in many ways, as I told you here. After the new crown epidemic, we gradually returned to normal, and after the comprehensive blockade, traffic and customer surge, the business gradually returned to a more “ normal” figure in terms of visibility.

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 Recognizing this, I set myself the following year goal: redesign my website to get Google excited new database again. Give blogs a lot of sticks. In fact, he created a very clear editorial calendar that reflected his econtextual. Bet on the channel and try to upload one or two videos a week. Focus my content on a sense of belonging. Continue to attract network service customers to maintain my primary revenue stream. I have more free time to enjoy me.

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I have achieved several of these goals, but the others are either I have not started or I am doing away with – not to mention the economic problems I have told you. Now let’s look at the details and at the beginning of the year web traffic, I barely ZNB Directory managed to maintain the traffic in the second half of the year. I know it’s not easy to recover from the January Killer Update(Application Update), but I had to try something

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