Harajuku Meiji Temple and Yoyogi Park

Every single Tokyo guidebook will recommend a visit to the market, and there’s a good reason for that. Just by seeing it you will understand the importance of sushi and seafood in Japanese cuisine and getting it first hand to offer fresh and delicious dishes.

Very close to Tsukiji is the Ginza district whose central area, once again, will leave you spellbound. The Tokyo version of Manhattan attracts many people for its clean, organized and diverse shops and restaurants.

Ginza shopping area and Hamarikyu Gardens

If you need to take a break after a long morning in the Whatsapp Mobile Number List streets full of people and shops, head to the Hamarikyu Gardens for a breath of fresh air. They may not be the best known but they will surely be a pleasant experience after a busy day.

Surrounded by tall buildings is this small work of nature, in the middle of the concrete jungle that is Tokyo. The gardens will mesmerize you with its teahouse , located on an island in one of the lakes. Visitors can have their tea leisurely while enjoying the Japanese cultural experience.

Day 3: Asakusa, Harajuku, Shrine and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
Asakusa and Senso-ji temple
The last day in Tokyo has to be a day to remember, a day where you make the most of the old Japanese spirit.

Located in Asakusa one of the districts of Tokyo is the most famous and beautiful

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Temple in the area: the Senso-ji temple . Built in the 7th century, it represents ZNB Directory one of the oldest and most popular temples in all of Japan. Be aware, however, that most of the current building is a reconstruction from after the war, the bombings of which destroyed much of the city.

Senso-ji shrine and pagoda
Senso-ji temple and pagoda, in Asakusa
Today most of the area has been redeveloped and has once again become popular with locals and visitors alike. It will take you about 2 hours to walk around and see everything.

Do not be blinded by the endless number of souvenir shops typical of the main street and venture into the small streets of the area.

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