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When creating a password, please keep in mind that the password must be between to characters long, and can also contain other characters, for example: ! It’s worth spending some time setting up logins and passwords login data for most services. Finally, just copy the symbol in the picture, accept the terms (in English) and privacy policy (in English), and click the Create Mail button. Steps Basic Setup Once you have creat your account, you can do your first setup right away.

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To group our emails by topic: Connect other mailboxes to the one you are creating, not only from, but from other companies, including: Add your name, which will be display In the From field, specify your time zone and add a photo (if you have your webcam enabl, you can take a photo of yourself right away): On the next two subpages, you can choose Belgium B2B List your visual composition (light, dark, retro, etc.), you can enter a phone number for possible password recovery and confirm the changes.

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Welcome to Congratulations

You just set up an email account. The interface of the box is very clear and intuitive, while giving the user many possibilities for personalization. The central part is the content of the currently select mailbox, on the left we select incoming, outgoing, spam and drafts. Above the email, there are some basic buttons to make handling emails easier, namely: Write, Check, Forward, Delete, Spam, Read and fun fact: the ZNB Directory ability to add your own buttons  Archive, Bookmark wait.


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