48% Increase In Leads With Ai Bidding Gated Content & Keyword Cleanup

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Our client reached out to us to ask for help in optimizing their Google Ads account. After an account audit, we gave our recommendations utilizing AI-powered automated bidding, gated content, and keyword cleanup. Within several months, the account’s performance improved. Transitioning from an initial project, we now manage the account to continually optimize the campaigns and improve results.

48-Increase-in-Leads-with-AI-Bidding-Gated-Content infographic
Comparing results before and after our initial engagement, we saw significant improvements:

+47.9% improvement in the number of conversions
+ 33.2% improvement to the conversion rate, now consistently at 5.7%.
Now that the account is better optimized, we adjusted the conversion value of high-value lead forms. The value is now based on historical sales data so that conversion value more accurately reflects actual monetary value.

conversions grow infographic

Building Awareness/Lead-Gen Campaigns Around Quality Content
The campaign generated about 100 eBook views per month within the five months since its launch. eBook download conversion rate remained steadily high at over 16%. In addition to generating highly engaged key content consumption, the campaign also generated high-value lead forms, which included partnership applications and demo requests. As a result, the campaign has yielded a positive ROI (return on investment) and ROAS (return on ad spend).

Conversions went up by 664.4%, driving high-value form submissions
Conversion value now reflects actual monetary value more accurately
The AI-bidding strategy conversion rate increased to 6.7%, representing a 470.1% improvement.
Keyword Cleanup and Updating Negative Keywords
When optimizing online ads accounts, we database believe that removing and refining generic keywords is just as crucial as targeting specific keywords. We eliminated generic keywords that brought in traffic volume with few conversions, causing cost per conversion (CPC) and cost per acquisition (CPA) to be too high. We also removed irrelevant search terms by adding them as negative keywords. Lastly, we added high-performing and converting queries to the keyword list.

All the above fine-tuning and optimizing


Developing Gated Content & Testing Lead Gen Campaigns in Channels that Matter

Google Ads, showing the last 30 days’ data (7/11/2022-8/9/2022) of the new lead gen eBook campaign, segmenting conversions by conversion goals
After reviewing existing content and ZNB Directory campaign performance, we recommended the client gate several eBooks for lead generation purposes. As new eBooks are produced, we add promotional campaigns in Google Ads and LinkedIn. So far, the results are promising. Quality form submissions, conversion rates, and cost per lead indicate this strategy will positively contribute to the account’s overall performance.

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