10 SEO trends to help you dominate Google

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As time passes, the challenges for the SEO profession increase. This is not only my personal opinion but also the opinion of many SEO experts today. It will be very difficult to achieve high rankings on Google search results in 2020 if we continue to follow the old path of SEO thinking. And now is the best time for us to research and come up with the most effective SEO strategies for 2020. So what should SEO do in 2020? Which SEO trends are effective in 2020? I have spent a lot of time researching these issues and have also drawn 10 important trends from the world’s leading SEO experts that determine the success of an SEO strategy in 2020.


Voice search will be a notable trend in 2020 and the following years. According to Comsore statistics, at present, voice search accounts for 50% of all online searches. According to predictions by Comsore (Phone Number Data), this number will increase to 70 – 80% by 2020. The trend of voice search will change the way of communication and in turn it will change the search market. So while implementing an SEO strategy, you must definitely deploy long-tail keywords and build content with natural language to match the user’s voice communication style.

Video content development

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Video content will become popular and become an inevitable trend of the near future. A study by Hubspot shows that 43% of users want to see ZNB Directory  more video information online and it is expected that by 2020 up to 71% of traffic will come from online videos. That is the very near future we are looking towards. Many recent statistics also show that companies that use video content in their SEO strategy have increased organic traffic by up to 41%.

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