Why Is Ux Important For Business

Website Designers know they need to pay attention to the valuable (and variable) aspects of human-computer interaction, but how does it benefit businesses to consider the user experience? 

From a practical standpoint, businesses want their website to be their 24/7 sales force. Sites should quickly convey who they are, what they offer, why they are the best choice, and then inspire action. Is your call to action (CTA) clear? Is it the right CTA concerning the user’s stage in the buying cycle? All these items must be considered when designing or refreshing your site. Or your website simply won’t earn its keep because it’s not customer-centric.

Does Good User Experience Pay Off?

Let’s look at statistics on businesses Latest Mailing Database that have invested in a good UX design.

  • Bank of America’s yield metric nearly doubled and exceeded its ROI benchmark after funding a UX redesign program for online banking.
  • Hubspot started from the ground up by collecting user feedback. Through A/B testing, they integrated every piece of feedback into their site and made their users feel they were in control. This doubled their conversion rate and even tripled in other areas.
  • Javafly submitted their site to a UX audit and uncovered pain points that led to a 20% increase in conversions and a 74% increase in revenue.

76% of B2B buyers want more personalization to cater to their specific needs. This includes many aspects of user experience, like site speed, aesthetics, and web accessibility (making the web accessible to all).

What Makes a Good User Experience

Latest Mailing Database

Whether you are launching a new website or redesigning one, think like a first-time visitor and ask yourself these important UX questions:

It may sound rudimentary, but ZNB Directory make it clear to your visitor which site they’ve landed on. They probably clicked on a link from a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) after reading your Meta Description. They had several choices on the SERP page because your content seemed like the best match. Don’t assume they read or remember your business name and URL or even know what you do.

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